Christine Su

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PastureMap :: 2016

Bouts of hives and a lifelong struggle with food allergies led Christine Su to spend a lot of time at local farmers’ markets. As she met ranchers from small farms, she was persuaded they needed a self-proclaimed data nerd like herself to help them manage their businesses better. She launched PastureMap in 2015 to help ranchers raise cattle on a healthy base of grasslands.

Ranchers want to optimize the use of their grasslands and PastureMap helps them do it. Their cattle management software combines simple records with intelligent analytics so ranchers can use mobile phones to keep track of where and when to move their cattle for optimal production. Better grazing practices lead to more fertile soil and plentiful grass — a boon for business and the environment. Ranchers make more money because healthier grasslands support more cattle, and with grasslands at 1/3 of global landmass, there is tremendous potential to pull carbon out of air and store it in soil as organic matter. As worldwide demand for beef grows with development, we need tools like PastureMap to spread climate-friendly grazing practices to the ranching industry.

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