Fred Nelson

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Maliasili Initiatives :: 2016

Fred is a scientist turned strategy and management geek who fell in love with East Africa. He founded Maliasili Initiative to help African organizations achieve better, faster conservation outcomes.

Conservation is a place-based effort at its core, and there will always be a critical role for grassroots organizations that have started and evolved in response to local issues. Their role is even more important given the current trend in Africa to devolve government power to districts and communities. However, they are too often isolated with amateurish systems, even when led by talented individuals. Maliasili helps grassroots conservation groups in Africa professionalize what they do. They find high potential organizations and help them build their finance and management systems, refine their strategy and methods, hire the right talent, and raise more money. East Africa needs strong local conservation efforts. Maliasili is finding the best groups out there and making them even better.  

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