Jacques Sebisaho

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Amani Global Works :: 2016

Jacques comes from Idjwi island, a large island located in Lake Kivu between Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. Development passed the island by: There's no roads, no electricity, no running water, and no healthcare. Life expectancy was 25 years, income 15 cents a day, and families had an average of 8 kids. It was all made worse by the waves of violence that convulsed the region for decades.

Jacques somehow survived all that and managed to make it to – and through – medical school in Belgium. He returned home in 2010, determined to somehow heal his homeland. He built and staffed a hospital, created a small army of community health workers, and is working to craft a wrap-around system that will provide essential health care services to all – first on Idjwi, then beyond into Eastern DRC.

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