Jim Cannon

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Sustainable Fisheries Partnership :: 2016

Many of the world's fisheries are in trouble, but fixing fisheries is hard work. Sustainable Fisheries Partnership identifies fisheries that have serious problems, figures out who buys seafood from them, and then helps the seafood buyers, suppliers, and producers come up with a plan to reduce problems like illegal fishing, bycatch, and habitat destruction. Big retailers — Walmart, Marks & Spencer, and Tesco — purchase huge volumes of seafood and need assured supply. SFP's industry-led approach harnesses their purchasing power to make fishing and fish farming more sustainable.

Jim has worked on fisheries and forests from Asia to the Americas. He’s a seasoned conservation leader with more than 20 years at Conservational International, the UN’s Food & Agriculture Organization, and advisory roles to McDonald’s and Walmart on fish sourcing. Sustainable Fisheries Partnership gives shape to his life’s work to rebuild depleted fish stocks by getting the world’s major seafood buyers involved in better fisheries management. SFP has the rare ability to both partner with and push corporates to make small changes that add up to huge gains for ocean conservation.  

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