Rubayat Khan

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Jeeon :: 2016

Rubayat is a Harvard grad and serial social entrepreneur from Bangladesh. In 2015, he turned his attention to primary health care. In his native country, the de-facto provider is often the local pharmacist, who is neither trained nor accountable to deliver decent care. He recognized that this wasn’t going to change any time soon so he set out to develop a way to deliver quality care through pharmacists.

His company, Jeeon, uses telemedicine to connect doctors in the city to pharmacists in more remote settings. Pharmacists gather simple histories from customers and connect them by phone to a live doctor in the city. The local presence of the pharmacist and the remote presence of the doctor combine to drive effective diagnosis and treatment. Jeeon’s model is designed to be part of a profitable pharmacy and as such could scale up to reach the millions who currently depend on pharmacists as the frontline of care.

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