Saul Kornik

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Africa Health Placements :: 2016

Saul bailed on successful career in finance to sail a rickety boat down the East African coast and think about what to do next. He’d become obsessed with the fact that Africa accounts for 20% of the global population but only has 2% of the world's physicians. Worse, those doctors were going to the places where they were needed least. What if he could reroute them to places where they were needed most?

Ten years ago, Saul founded Africa Health Placements (AHP) to increase the number of doctors and get them to where they’re needed the most in Africa. AHP works with hospitals to identify their most urgent staffing needs, recruits skilled physicians from all over the world, places them where they are needed most, and manages to ensure success. As a result, AHP is doing more than placing doctors – it’s transforming the culture of the facilities that deliver care.

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