Author: Kevin Starr

August 01, 2017

Let the Man Do His Job!

It’s hard to be a government minister in a country where resources are scarce. Don’t make it worse.

Author: Kevin Starr

May 16, 2017

Development Malpractice in Ghana

How stuff that doesn’t work can screw up stuff that does.

Author: Kevin Starr

February 21, 2017

The Pink Hats Were Awesome. Now Let's Deliver.

Those of us who get to work in the social sector can do a hell of a lot more. We really need to step up our game, though, and that means one really big thing: We have to make the social sector work like a market for impact, a system where resources flow efficiently to those best able to create lasting change.

Author: Mulago

December 23, 2016

Designing for Impact at Scale

The DIF (or Design Iteration Form) is the primary tool that Mulago uses to help people with a good idea design for maximum impact at scale.

Author: Kevin Starr

December 14, 2016

Three Buckets of Money

At Mulago, we love the idea of a thriving impact investing ecosystem, but in our world, it’s still mostly theoretical. Maybe someday it will be relevant to our entrepreneurs, but what we see now is better captured by a simpler notion of three buckets of money—call them free money, real money, and maybe money.

Author: Kevin Starr

December 14, 2016

The Pitch Is Dead. Long Live the Conversation.

Here’s the thing: If you want funders to go down the road with you, you need to make them feel: 1) smart, and 2) comfortable. Make that your mantra. Make it easy for them to grasp what you’re up to, and master your own anxiety so you don’t trigger it in them. We are talking about an encounter between good people who want the same things. A pitch turns it into an ordeal; a conversation makes it real. Choose the conversation.