Author: Kevin Starr with Greg Coussa

May 02, 2018

Enough Innovation Already!

Innovation without replication is a waste of time.

Author: Kevin Starr

May 02, 2018

Health Care: The Cool Stuff Doesn’t Matter If the Basics Aren’t There

Fund primary health care. Everywhere. Now.

Author: Kevin Starr

August 01, 2017

Let the Man Do His Job!

It’s hard to be a government minister in a country where resources are scarce. Don’t make it worse.

Author: Kevin Starr

May 16, 2017

Development Malpractice in Ghana

How stuff that doesn’t work can screw up stuff that does.

Author: Kevin Starr

February 21, 2017

The Pink Hats Were Awesome. Now Let's Deliver.

Those of us who get to work in the social sector can do a hell of a lot more. We really need to step up our game, though, and that means one really big thing: We have to make the social sector work like a market for impact, a system where resources flow efficiently to those best able to create lasting change.

Author: Kevin Starr

December 14, 2016

Three Buckets of Money

At Mulago, we love the idea of a thriving impact investing ecosystem, but in our world, it’s still mostly theoretical. Maybe someday it will be relevant to our entrepreneurs, but what we see now is better captured by a simpler notion of three buckets of money—call them free money, real money, and maybe money.