How to Design for Impact at Scale

The DIF (or Design Iteration Form) is the primary tool that Mulago uses to help people with a good idea design for maximum impact at scale.


How to Track Progress

Mulago invests in scalable impact. We seek out the best organizations we can find and fund them to do what they do best. These are our guidelines for annual milestones for our grantees. We keep reporting requirements to a minimum through the use of concise, well-considered one-year milestones that allow us -- and our portfolio -- to anticipate and evaluate progress. For the most part, these milestones are drawn from information our grantees already have, such as annual operating plans.


How To Measure Impact

We measure impact because it's the only way to know whether our money is doing any good. In fact, we don't invest in organizations that don't measure impact – they're flying blind and we would be too. Those organizations that do measure impact perform better and evolve faster, and discussions around measuring impact almost always lead to new ideas about effectiveness and efficiency.