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AR Rolex Black Ghost King replica watch, single red ghost king, gradient blue ghost king are sales artifacts of ar factory, has been upgraded to v3 version. The material is 904 steel that is consistent with the original product. The ar factory is very finely polished. It is equipped with two types of cal. 3135 movement and Seagull 2824 movement. This is also the best replica of the Rolex Black Ghost King on the market, completely exceeding N. Factory quality. Today, let's take a look at the AR3 V3 version of the Rolex Nigga King replica watch, whether it is fake at a glance.


The AR case V3 version of the Rolex Nigga King replica case has a size of 44 mm and a thickness of 18 mm, which can be said to be a bulky one. The material of the watch case AR factory chooses the 904 steel material which is consistent with the genuine one, this kind of material has extremely strong corrosion resistance. The bezel is extremely delicate in workmanship and has the function of a two-way rotation. The damping feeling is very good when rotating, and the sound is relatively crisp. The number, size, and fineness of the teeth of the outer ring are basically the same as those of the original. The ceramic ring workmanship is also very good. After the scale passes through the sheet metal, it is not easy to fade.

The watch is paired with a black dial, which looks very shiny through the sapphire glass mirror. The disk surface uses white luminous filler metal dots as the time scale, which is also a major feature of Rolex diving watches. In addition, the literal LOGO and English are all 3D three-dimensional printing with superimposed printing technology, and the font is slightly raised. At 3 o'clock, there is a calendar window, but this one does not have a magnifying glass function. This point is different from the black water ghost. The workmanship of the AR factory is very meticulous, and basically no flaws can be seen.


The AR3 V3 version of the Rolex nigga crown workmanship is also satisfactory, there is no problem, in addition, there is a special helium valve, but this is just a decoration, not a real helium valve, Because daily life is swimming, you don't need to use this function. The bottom cover adopts the Oyster-type sealed bottom cover design, which is also a very unique feature of Rolex. One of its advantages is its excellent waterproof performance.

According to the general industry, the AR factory Rolex Sea Makeup series 116660 Nigga King watch has been unanimously praised by table friends in terms of quality. The shipment of Nigga King in the market has always been high, showing that the nigga king is on the market. It is indeed very popular, and AR's ability to achieve such results also shows its powerful strength. Therefore, the AR factory V3 version of the Rolex Nigga King replica watch will not be fake at a glance, it is very worth buying.

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