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Lecciones de aquellos que ya vivieron una crisis

Consejos ofrecidos por la red de Mulago para esta crisis

by Kevin Starr

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Survive to thrive: advice we gave to our fellows

Here's the quick and dirty advice we gave to our early stage fellows in the time of COVID-19.

by Kevin Starr

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How hard is it to quickly develop an affordable ventilator for COVID-19?

Some of you can help now to develop an affordable ventilator suitable for pandemics.

by Krista Donaldson

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Quarterly links spring 2020

Not-entirely-random stuff for funders and doers obsessed with impact at scale. ​Every 3 months. More or less.

by Alex Hughes-Smith

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Twitter wars

Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight, and other lessons.

by Kevin Starr

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The best time to engage government is now

If your goal is scale, start thinking about it on day one.

by Sarah Miers

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