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Henry Arnhold Fellowship

Henry Arnhold Fellowship

Through our Henry Arnhold Fellowship we find leaders with promising conservation and climate solutions and help them to design and deliver them at scale.

We’re impact and scale-obsessed. Each year we select 8-10 leaders and help them (1) design high-impact scalable solutions and strategies for better, faster, bigger outcomes; (2) build the organizations to deliver them at scale; and (3) become part of a growing community of innovators in conservation and climate. Take a look at our fellows.

The one-year fellowship is bookended with a design retreat, comes with $100,000 in unrestricted funding, and ongoing support from our team and network. Here are the components of the fellowship in more detail:

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What we look for

We look for innovative leaders with a conservation or climate solution that works and has potential to go big. We look for impact-obsessed people pioneering effective ways to:

Their solutions focus on everything from tropical forests in the Amazon Basin to methane emissions in the Arctic, from grasslands in Africa to fisheries in the Indian Ocean and from sustainable finance in Australia to dam removal in Africa.

Henry Arnhold Fellows have:

We actively recruit Fellows through our network, so we do not have a formal application process.

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