Jim Taylor & Debbie Aung Din :: Proximity Designs

Jim and Debbie moved to Myanmar in 2004 to start iDE-Myanmar -- with no intention of starting their own organization. With the ever-changing environment and shocks to the system like the 2008 cyclone, they continuously adapted their products to help move Myanmar's poorest farmers out of poverty -- and thus Proximity Designs was born.

Joel Segre :: Individual

Joel is a strategy consultant focused on increasing the impact of innovations in maternal, neonatal, and child health. In his consulting practice, Joel has worked with The Gates Foundation and GE on product development and distribution challenges. With experience at McKinsey and Aravind Eye Care System, Joel has a breadth of experience and a passion for global health -- which is why we took him as a Fellow.

Jeff Morgan :: Global Heritage Fund

Jeff is a trained urban and regional planner and has been an international sales and marketing executive in software and network computing for the past 16 years. A skilled manager, Jeff brings his experience to world heritage site conservation and global economic development.

Ranjiv Khush :: Aquaya

Ranjiv became a microbiologist to explore solutions for water-borne disease. After a year as advisor to the State Department, he realized that the solutions already developed weren't getting to the people who needed them most. He made an abrupt change of course and now works with a band of clean water fanatics in San Francisco to make sure that proven solutions get to where they can make a difference.

Marta Echavarria :: Ecodecision

Even as a kid, Marta saw the tension between conservation and development in her native Colombia. Her career has been about turning that tension into a win for all concerned, as reflected by her company Ecodecison.

Chris Delany :: Crafted Livelihoods

A New Zealand mom with an eye for design, Chris took her kids to the Solomon Islands and found that she could make a big difference. Fearing a forest-free and culturally impoverished Pacific, Chris identified local craft traditions with potential for village livelihoods. Now, she's back in Melanesia to continue the creation of living heritage craft that provides good incomes and strengthens cultures.

Anil Chitrakar :: Kathmandu 2020

Anil is a mechanical engineer by training, but a serial social entrepreneur nowadays. After leaving his home country to go to college in India, Anil served with the Royal Nepal Academy of Science and Technology to try and better understand how the technological revolution could improve life for the poorest people in Nepal. He came home to start the Kathmandu 2020 campaign.