Josh Nesbit :: Medic Mobile

As a Human Biology student at Stanford, Josh left his books behind and went to Malawi to conduct HIV/AIDS research at a private hospital. After learning how far patients and community health workers had to travel to reach the hospital – and noticing that he had great cell phone coverage in most villages – Josh set out to connect health workers using mobile phones.

Dale Lewis :: COMACO

Dale Lewis started out as an elephant researcher in Zambia and segued naturally into conservation. When traditional conservation strategies didn't work, he and his Zambian team took a radical new approach: starting a business to provide good markets for farmers willing to quit poaching.

Leila Janah :: Samasource

Leila Janah spent ten years in academia and at the World Bank learning about and working on solutions to poverty. She moved to San Francisco to go all-out on her big idea -- a service provider for Silicon Valley data projects that employ women in developing countries.

Jake Harriman :: Nuru

Jake grew up on a small farm in West Virginia, attended the US Naval Academy, and served as a Marine Special Operations Platoon Commander through two combat tours in Iraq. He saw firsthand the direct connection between poverty and conflict and founded Nuru to do something about it. He now leads a platoon of private-sector converts, Peace Corps survivors and a highly disciplined stateside team, with core supporters around the globe.

Melanie Edwards :: Mobile Metrix

Melanie has had a long career in the technology world; prior to starting Mobile Metrix, she worked in management for J.P. Morgan, International Data Group (IDG) and as an executive for Key Accounts at AT&T, and launched the Global Technology Corps, a "digital Peace Corps," with the U.S. Department of State. Through those experiences, she saw the huge untapped potential for uncounted data, and built Mobile Metrix as a way to gather data to tailor products to low-income consumers and build distribution networks.

Krista Dong :: iTeach

Krista Dong has years of experience as a Harvard-trained immunologist. She has worked in international health focusing on HIV / AIDS and TB since 1991, from Gambia and South Africa to Indonesia. And with her co-founder, the two are joined at the hip in their efforts to find solutions at the epicenter of the HIV / AIDS epidemic in South Africa.