Kel Sheppey :: Wild4life

Driving a beat-up Land Rover from Cape Town to London, Kel realized that people in the rural parts of Africa have little access to virtually anything. A Zimbabwean wildlife biologist by training, Kel quit a successful corporate career to repeat a similar odyssey; but this time, he's using Wild4life to tackle HIV in remote African communities.

Alex Petroff :: Working Villages

Alex Petroff is a farm boy from Maine who finds it more interesting to farm in the most dangerous part of the Congo. Alex's boyhood in rural Maine – and liberal arts education at Hampshire College – left him determined to do something useful for African farmers. Finding Uganda too comfortable, he wound up in Eastern Congo, where he runs a teaching farm that has thrived amidst continual warfare.

Nick Pearson :: Jacaranda Health

Nick's wife was an OBGYN working in Western Kenya and described her friend's death during childbirth as 'easily avoided with better care.' Nick was working for Acumen Fund investing in businesses in Kenya and had seen both the dramatic need for better healthcare and the opportunity to improve systems in low-resource setting. So he set out to launch Jacaranda Health and bring business savvy and scalability to maternal health.

Nnaemeka Ikegwuonu :: Smallholders Foundation

As a young rural development worker, Nnaemeka saw the daunting problems and remarkable opportunities of Nigeria's agriculture first-hand. Realizing the power of radio to reach a far-flung rural population, he established a community radio station for smallholder farmers in Imo State, Nigeria.

Anna Elliot :: Bamyan Media

Anna was studying conflict and storytelling in Afghanistan in 2007, after visiting her father there, a development expert with the UNDP. With media blossoming after the fall of the Taliban, Anna realized that amidst all the emerging dreck there was an opportunity to use entertainment media to inspire people to start businesses. She is now fielding requests from all over the world to repeat her Afghan success.

Jacob Donnelly :: Farm Builders

Jacob began his career as a management consultant. But after an internship in the Office of the Liberia President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Jacob set out to start Farmbuilders, an organization that improves the income of smallholder farmers using tree crops.

Krista Donaldson :: D-Rev

Krista Donaldson is a design engineer who has long been obsessed with how technology can improve people's lives. Working in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, Krista saw that technological solutions to development problems were a small part of ensuring sustainable impact. She was also troubled by the perception that the best technologies for poor people were "low tech" or that clever solutions could be silver bullets. She returned to Silicon Valley to leverage the state-of-the-art technology R&D, market forces and a strong global network to create world-class products that improve lives of people living less than $4 per day.