Eric Woods :: Switchboard

Eric is a design engineer from San Francisco, committed to bringing together health and mobile technology in Africa. As a skilled bioengineer, Eric started a medical device company that produced a rugged, low-cost oximeter, and after an experience with the healthcare system in Ghana, realized that he could bring his two worlds together to improve health system communication.

Alasdair Harris :: Blue Ventures

Al is a marine ecologist working to develop market-based solutions to address marine conservation. A social entrepreneur with an unhealthy interest in corals, Al has spent the past decade researching and tackling marine environmental crises in tropical developing countries. He founded Blue Ventures, a science-led marine conservation organization, to develop and scale market-based approaches to catalyze conservation in some of the poorest communities.

Buddy Shah :: IDInsight

An unusual physician / economist hybrid, Buddy Shah is on a mission to figure out what will truly make the world a better place. As a doctor, Buddy realized that he could have more impact through a policy role; and after training as a development economist at the World Bank, he found that poor decisions came from poor-quality information.

Guillaume Virag :: Project Alba

Guillaume is using his background in IT startups in France to help farmers in Cambodia. As a young entrepreneur, Guillaume was attracted to microfinance and, after studying economics, jumped into the fray of partnership farming.

Joshua Pierce :: Off.Grid:Electric

Joshua is a former energy consultant from Northern California, and is laser-focused on off-the-grid Africa. Having grown up off the formal grid himself, Joshua knows the impact of a well-lit household, especially for rural communities in Tanzania.

Michelle Kreger :: Kiva Labs

Michelle spent more than five years in Kiva as one of the first employees learning what works -- and what doesn't -- in microfinance. She believes that you can test and scale new loan products with non-traditional partners to generate maximum impact.

Nithya Ramanathan :: Nexleaf

Nithya is a computer scientist who has found a way to combine her passion for technology design and social justice. After designing hardware for Hewlett Packard, Nithya went to work on arsenic-contaminated groundwater in Bangladesh; it was there that she realized the profound need for high-quality sensors to monitor efforts and measure impact.

Rose Goslinga :: Kilimo Salama

Rose is an economist who returned to her African roots to protect farmers against weather shocks. While working at the Rwandan Ministry of Agriculture on getting farmers seeds on credit, she realized that loans can devastate people if the season's weather didn't cooperate.