Barbara Bush :: Global Health Corps

Barbara Bush believes that health is a human right and that young leaders from diverse backgrounds are critical to solving the world's greatest health challenges. She also believes that a global movement of people and organizations fighting for improved health services for vulnerable communities is necessary in order to change an unacceptable status quo.

Safeena Husain :: Educate Girls

Safeena has found the perfect nexus between her economics background and her understanding of urban underserved communities. After fifteen years of experience working with grassroots projects in Ecuador, Mexico, Bolivia, and South Africa, Safeena returned to India to create the solution to a problem that is closest to her heart – that of girls education.

Jessica Beckerman :: Muso

Jessica Beckerman is an international development professional and a medical student who believes in eradicating preventable deaths. During her health research in Mali, Jessica began accompanying her neighbors as they struggled to access care for themselves and their children in a poorly-designed health system.

Sharath Jeevan :: STiR Education

Sharath has always been passionate about education: prior to founding STIR, Sharath founded Teaching Leaders, a UK-based education nonprofit. Through Teaching Leaders he realized the potential that teachers could play in leading education reform, particularly in developing countries like India. Sharath's belief is that a lack of teacher motivation is causing a learning crisis with significant implications for the future.

Michael Eddy :: Instiglio

After working at JPAL and the World Bank measuring the impact of social programs, Michael realized that impact at scale requires a unique combination of evidence, real-time feedback and the right environment. Together with a few classmates he founded Instiglio, the first organization of its kind structuring social impact bonds and other results-based financing contracts focused in developing countries.

Sean Mayberry :: StrongMinds

Sean Mayberry is a former diplomat and social marketer who believes there are simple and cost-effective interventions which can improve an area that is often overlooked when addressing poverty: mental health. Sean has implemented HIV/AIDS and malaria programs in Africa or many years, and saw firsthand the struggles of the mentally ill in developing countries. He built StrongMinds to improve the lives of women debilitated by depression.

Michael Murphy :: MASS Design

An architect by training, Michael is committed to the idea that excellent design can improve the health, education and wellbeing of those who need it most. When he visited Rwanda during architecture school, Michael decided that each building could have a mission, and pursued impact-driven architecture by co-founding MASS Design.

Kathleen Colson :: BOMA Project

Kathleen is a safari guide who wanted to see a long-term solution to drought and famine in northern Kenya. After a visit to the region during the drought of 2005, Kathleen invested in extensive visits over the course of two years -- listening to the problems of women who were impacted by droughts. Kathleen and her team then developed a program that helps women diversify their incomes with small businesses, helping them earn an income and accumulate savings to survive drought periods.