Mark Arnoldy :: Possible

In college, Mark developed a deep love for Nepal: he worked closely with a Nepali social entrepreneur for three years creating an innovative way to treat malnourished children, and he helped create two businesses that supported nutrition programs there. During his time in Nepal, he realized the need to fix a broken healthcare system throughout the country, and quickly joined the team at Possible to change the status quo.

Nicholas Sowden :: Penda Health

Nicholas always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur; so when he graduated from college, he immediately moved to Kenya to start a solar company. A few years later, he found himself wanting to work on basic healthcare in Kenya, in support of his belief that high-quality primary care was necessary to break the cycle of poverty. After working for Jacaranda Health, Nicholas co-founded Penda Health in Nairobi to deliver high-quality care for affordable prices.

Madison Ayer :: Farmshop

Madison built two US-based financial services businesses that helped consumers to improve their credit scores and protect their personal information. After the financial crisis hit, he moved to Kenya to lead a nonprofit social enterprise; but Madison's experience working with farmers in rural Kenya led him to found Farmshop as a way to improve the distribution systems for basic farming inputs.

Taylor Downs :: Open[Fn]

Taylor is a technologist who has spent the past 7 years designing data systems for leading international development organizations. Before founding Open[Fn], Taylor lived in South Africa working for Grassroots Soccer and consulting on intervention design and training with over a dozen NGOs around the world. He then co-founded Vera Solutions -- an organization that has now served 136 impact-first clients around the world -- and recently shifted to focus on open-source technology integration as a way to accelerate the entire "technology for development" sector. His passion for technology and his frustration with clunky, expensive data systems that didn't help organizations in the field led him to think differently about how to use technology for development programs.

Kola Masha :: Babban Gona

After completing an MBA at Harvard Business School, Kola Masha became the managing director of one of Nigeria's leading fertilizer companies, where he led the development of a nationwide distributor network. Driven by the conviction that profitable smallholder farming holds the key to Nigeria's long-term growth, Kola co-founded Babban Gona to complete the supply chain of good inputs leading to higher incomes for farmers.

Misan Rewane :: WAVE

An economist by training, Misan has always had a passion for improving the lives of youth in her home country, Nigeria. She worked as a management consultant and in the nonprofit education world to gain the skills she needed to form her own organization. It was in business school where she developed a disruptive entrepreneurial lens to tackling youth unemployment back home in Nigeria, and founded WAVE.

Edith Elliott :: Noora Health

With a background in global health research, program implementation, design thinking and a passion for meeting users where they are, Edith has found that the best solutions are often the most simple and overlooked ones. After a course at Stanford, Edith, along with her co-founders, spent significant time in India studying the healthcare system and behaviors to build Noora Health.

Kinari Webb :: Health in Harmony

Kinari Webb first traveled to West Kalimantan, Indonesia as an undergraduate biology major, to pursue a dream of studying orangutans. Thirteen years later, she returned to the community in Indonesia to turn her long-held vision -- a comprehensive program that would both serve human health needs and preserve rain forest habitat -- into reality.