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Our total investment:

$500K unrestricted grants

Funded since 2014

Why we invest

Teachers are key drivers of student learning, but teaching is in crisis: in Uganda, 84% of teachers report wanting to quit their job, and in India, 25% of teachers are absent daily. A student’s experience can be enhanced by access to textbooks, new school buildings, and uniforms, but a motivated teacher has a far greater effect on a child’s desire to learn than any combination of the above. STIR finds and supports motivated teachers in India and Uganda, helping them form powerful networks to improve their own teaching and contribute to a wider movement of excellence. These networks change teacher behavior -- ranging from attendance to time on task -- which can directly affect student learning. STIR is collecting rigorous evidence to demonstrate the link between teacher motivation and improved learning outcomes. If the results are positive, this model could reposition teachers as the solution instead of the problem.

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